Midnight Moods for Solo Piano
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Denny Zeitlin: 'Wherever You Are' CD
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Sunnyside Records
Catalog #: SSC 1322
Released 2012
Produced and Arranged by Denny Zeitlin

Recording: Double Helix studio, Kentfield, CA , October 2011

Denny Zeitlin – Piano

Video "Denny Zeitlin: Wherever You Are
Track Listing
1. Body and Soul 6:00

2. Good-Bye 6:54

3. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars/How Insensitive 7:06

4. Last Night When We Were Young 9:13

5. I Hear A Rhapsody 6:30

6. Time Remembers One Time Once 3:49

7. The Meaning Of The Blues 9:27

8. My Dream Is Yours 4:23

9. You Don't Know What Love Is 8:47

10. Wherever You Are 4:29



"There's something magnificent about a top-level artist alone with a piano, immersed in a mood of quiet nights, under quiet stars� 'Wherever You Are�Midnight Moods for Solo Piano' is Denny Zeitlin's most intimate and contemplative sets of songs, and perhaps the loveliest work from a top jazz pianist at the height of his expressive powers."
      Dan McClenaghan,


"His outstanding 2012 album, 'Wherever You Are (Midnight Moods for Solo Piano)' establishes his bona fides as a masterful postmodern balladeer in the general continuum of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett."
      Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal


"…'Wherever You Are: Midnight Moods for Solo Piano', is his 3rd unaccompanied recording in less than 2 years for the Sunnyside label. Before you start accusing the pianist of overkill, the CDs are different in many respects (material, pacing, recording venues)--what they have in common is the excellent musicianship and fertile mind of an artist who never compromises his ideals. What is different with the new recording is that the program consists entirely of ballads… Yet, nothing is what you'd expect other than the pianist will explore avenues others have never thought to use. He never abandons the melody but his harmonies are often surprising while he will slip into (and out of) a rhythmic pattern so naturally it might take you a moment to notice…'Wherever You Are' is indeed an album of 'Midnight Moods' yet this is not dark nor foreboding music. Instead, Denny Zeitlin aims for the heart of the listener by finding the emotional center of each song and creating his own world. Sit with someone you love or by yourself and allow this music to take you away from the humdrum, from the apparent darkness of the everyday world and into a much quieter place."
      Richard B. Kamins,


"Bay-area psychiatrist/pianist Denny Zeitlin not only leads volcanic trios but is one of the pre-eminent soloists in modern jazz�the title ['Midnight Moods For Solo Piano'] does not do justice to the sophistication of these arrangements and two original works that fill the disc�music that transcends time and place. Denny Zeitlin strikes the universal chords of love lost and found, creating moods for whenever, wherever you are."
      Andrea Canter,


"The subtitle of this recording, 'Midnight Moods for Solo Piano', is proof that albums of pretty, nocturnal ballads can be probing, adventurous, and creative. Denny Zeitlin explores well-chosen standards from the American Songbook, a Jobim medley, and two originals. With patient intensity, within a rapt atmosphere, he continuously discovers fresh ideas in these old songs�'Goodbye' is one of the great recent interpretations of Gordon Jenkins's masterpiece, diversified with personal content but true to the song's dramatic announcement of loss� the nine minute 'Last Night When We Were Young' is an erudite, exhaustive treatise in barely moving waves of rubato as Zeitlin pursues distant implications of Harold Arlen's quintessentially romantic song� his 'midnight mood' is deep and never broken. These 10 pieces are like a suite, a single tide containing crosscurrents of austere emotion. Zeitlin recorded Wherever You Are in his home studio, but it doesn't sound like it. The sonic portrait is close and clear and dynamic, and provides a complete experience of this rich, intelligent, music."
      Thomas Conrad Stereophile Magazine 10/12/12


"�the tunes all do seem to connect to each other; as soon as 'Goodbye' fades away into the night, the gentle chimes of 'Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars/How Insensitive' gently rise like a sliver of a moon. Zeitlin�s touch and exploratory skills on these pieces feel like gentle rabbit trails during a conversation, slowly drifting away from the main point, creating a new main point, and then returning to what we were talking about originally. Lot�s to learn about sounds and thoughts on this ruminating release."
      George Harris,


"Equally at home performing with his working trio and as a solo pianist, Zeitlin focuses on the latter in this striking session which he recorded himself in his home studio. His imaginative arrangements of the familiar standards that make up much of this collection put them into a new light, perfect for late-night listening with someone special�This compelling solo piano CD is destined to become one of Denny Zeitlin's landmark recordings."
      Ken Dryden,


"...Here, Denny plays solo piano and sticks exclusively to ballads. Denny's most recent albums have been spiritual tours de force, with cascades of musical exploration. Here, it's Denny in slow motion, affording an opportunity to hear his voicings up close and learn how he builds ideas on the backs of eight standards and two originals."
      Marc Myers,


"Solo piano recordings can be the equivalent of tap dancing in a musical mine field for some artists. Denny Zeitlin reconfirms his ability to interpret a ballad as well as any pianist today� Zeitlin's true gift is his keen sense of lyrical direction and harmonic balance when it comes to working without a net� There is a buoyant ebb and flow to the release with well paced and a thoughtful emotional quality to the melodic course charted� one would be hard pressed not to find this as one of Denny Zeitlin's most entertaining releases to date [and] one of the more entertaining for the year."
      Brent Black,