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The Columbia Years: 1963-67

In 1960 I went out to Baltimore to begin my medical schooling at Johns Hopkins University. I was excited about being accepted to such a great school, and hoped that I would be able to find time and continue to be as lucky as I had been in college and high school in finding musicians to play with. More...

A decade of Electronic/Acoustic/Genre Integration: 1968-1978

For several years, I withdrew from public performance to research possibilities in electronic music, hire engineers to build sound-altering equipment, modify existing keyboards and synthesizers, build systems and racks, and find kindred musical spirits. More...

A Return to a Primary Focus on Acoustic Music, 1978+

By the time “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was complete, I was experiencing a mounting hunger for a return to the purity of acoustic music. More...

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